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Your horse is a big part of your life, consuming a lot of time and money, and giving you a great deal of pleasure and companionship in return. It isn't easy to find a healthy horse with good manners and abilities that complement the rider, especially within your budget.

The 'right' horse is out there, but owning the 'wrong' horse will be detrimental to both the rider and their steed; often causing the rider to lose confidence and enjoyment of the sport, putting undue pressure on the horse and allowing some nasty habits to develop.

Furthermore, the horse you 'want' and the horse you 'need' are often two very different beasts, and it's usually a friendly bystander that can see this more clearly than you.

That's why I'm offering Horsematch, providing unbiased and honest advice for buyers looking for a horse, and then helping them in their search and visiting potential matches.

I'll be direct with both the seller and buyer, and will no doubt ask some testing questions; the safety and well being of both horse and rider are at stake, and I take that very seriously.

People and horses are all unique, but there are some common mistakes made by eager buyers:

The Rider

• Falling for looks or personality over suitability

• Lacking confidence, experience or skill to handle the horse's temperament

• Unrealistic expectations based on overestimated ability

• Unsuitable facilities available to care properly for a specific horse.

The Horse

• Inappropriate size for the rider (height and weight)

• Limited scope unlikely to meet the rider's long term expectations

• Inexperienced, poorly schooled, or too advanced for the rider

• Carrying an old injury or recent wound that could prevent intended use.

How it works

Before looking for a horse, I will first assess the rider to determine their requirements. It's important for me to see them ride, discuss their ambitions as a rider, and survey the stabling facilities available to the new horse.

When we have established and agreed the competencies of the rider and the type and regularity of use intended for the horse, we can start the search. There are plenty of websites and magazines offering horses for sale, you just need to invest some time and focus on the horses that bear the qualities we have identified will be suitable for you.

Alternatively, if you don't have the time or are not confident that you can successfully explore the horse market, I'm happy to search on your behalf. I'll use my contacts in the horse-world, the internet, and recognised publications to learn of any likely candidates. I will only recommend a horse that meets your agreed requirements after interviewing the seller to discuss its suitability.

When we have found some potential matches, I can either visit the horse on your behalf, join you to look at the horse, or visit after you have seen it for yourself and want a second opinion.
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Horsematch was featured in the Spring/Summer 2009 edition of the EDP Norfolk Equestrian ... click here and turn to page 46 to read the full article.


Regarding the health of a horse, I can spot some tell-tale signs of issues that are best avoided. However, despite my experience, qualifications and knowledge of equine physiology, I can't guarantee the health of a horse.

Should you want a medical view on a horse to determine existing health problems and also identify potential problems that may occur in the future, you will need to employ the services of an equine veterinary professional for a pre-purchase examination.

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